Monday, 20 June 2011

El Houssine Taousse

A few months back i went on a spiritual journey of self-discovery to Marrakech, because that's just the kind of hippy waste-man i am. I'd be lying if i said actually discovered anything about myself, but I drank a lot of mint tea, ate a lot of couscous and bought a lot of music. I picked CDs and cassettes mainly based on the quality of the mustaches on the cover, and on that criteria alone El Houssine Taousse is basically the Elvis of Morocco. The dude is a king amongst men. It helps that the music inside is genuinely incredible. So frantic and groovy, it sounds like West African funk mixed with traditional Moroccan music and auto-tuned vocals to me and that is a pretty awesome mixture. Check out this vid and a track after.

Here's a sweet 10min+ mp3 . The horns and drum beat on it are mad funky, and the autotune is ridiculous. And the "HEY HEY! WOAH WOAH!" bit is killer. It's win win.
El Houssine Taousse - Lagrame by Dream Beach Records

Expect some more from my Moroccan trip soon.


  1. He is Berber (Amazight). There are no horns on that MP3, just bowed string instruments like the one he's playing in the video.

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  3. Great band. Funky beat! Dancers. Everything!