Friday, 7 May 2010

Agyeman Opambuo

If you're looking to find African music in London, i recommend heading down to Dalston market and hitting up every shop that isnt selling offal. As well as all the amazing Nigerian film stalls selling Fuji and Hip Life music along with the DVDs there are a good handful of shops covered in flags selling music from all across Africa. This track is by Agyeman Opambuo, and i got ripped off buying it from the Ghanaian shop halfway through the market. I had to haggle the guy down from £15 for what is basically a CDR, but it was worth it because the music is genuinely amazing. If you're going to go into Dalston market looking for African music, get ready to get laughed at a lot. and ripped off. a lot. But when the dudes aren't laughing at you or fleecing you, they seem genuinely excited that some moron hipster is interested in their music. I've encountered nothing but good vibes, offers of tea and high fives when going into these shops - its an awesome experience and you get to have a bunch of people playing you their favourite tunes whilst looking super bemused.

From what i can tell Agyeman Opambuo was a pretty big deal in Ghana. The music is so weird tonally and the sounds are so subtle and groovy that i think its worth the download. Did i just say groovy? thats not ok. sorry.

Agyeman Opambuo - Woagye Aboso by Dream Beach Records

Here's a link to a post about him with more music from Highlife Haven

Anyway, this is rad and that little cheap synth happening all the way through is one of the best things ever.

Booyah. etc.


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  2. you know this man is in this country
    back in action still singing good

  3. Really? Thats amazing! the guy who i bought the cd off said he was dead! Please, if you have any more info email me. thanks,